Listing of Gift Economy Projects, their locations and contact details.

 Wrexhams Peoples Market. Give and Take Stall    On  03/11/2012 we attended ‘A sense of place open art exhibition’ at Wrexhams Peoples Market., and the Market manager invited us to hold it there permanently. The Yum Yum Project and Free Wrexham. This historic Give and Take Stall ran all week at Wrexhams Peoples Market for 6 months from 03/11/2012 to 24/05/2013.

lkb Chester stall

Give and Take stall at Chester indoor market. “Its just like freecycle, but for real!”   Now running on Friday as well as Saturday. The Give and take free stall at the Chester indoor market is running very well. Many people are using it, and Pauline, Vic, Joan. Alan, James and Alan are managing it. Many other stall holders use it too. Email: vic_button at or petefreepeat at

lkb wiggly merged

New Project, started 24th June 2012. Wiggly wobbly way: Open every Sunday, and othdr days, ad hoc. The Wiggly Wobbly Way opened 24th June 2012. A community based project, with a walk way from the river bank of the Dee, which meanders along the foot of the famous Farndon sand stone cliffs, to a herb and scented fruit and flower garden picnic area. We have built a summer house, and  a wishing well, and a well stocked free stall. a working solar power exhibition, and a new café for the winter. Everyone welcome! Free teas – just ring the bell! At the same time you can visit our Little Free Library – take a book or books and bring back a book or books when read.

lkb Ty nant mergedCreating WelhEALTH. Community Farm Co-op (Incredible Edible Eco Farm) Transition to a Moneyless free community self reliant resource. World Equity Budget as a transition method – Land and materials free of charge – Gift-Economy Sharing – Permaculture and Forest Gardening – Vegan – Off grid.  Renewables and Quality finite Durables – Consensus decision making – Land and assets locked for the community. – No borrowing at interest – No renting, leasing or landlord-ism.

Lkb Emma and Richards stall

Give and take stall at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Angelsey, Wales.  Opposite the Volvo Garage.A House front neighbourhood stall, running very well since 2011

Katie Cryeuni1

Creuynni Healing Therapies: katie offers some healing seessions Free such as – energy clearing – working with the energy field to clear energy. Indigenous Healing Work. (and more 😉 Sessions also available in Wrecsam and other parts of UK/Europe in: Swedish Massage, Tui Na Massage, Energy work Massage, Lymphatic Massage. “Working with the levels of the body, mind, soul and the energetic field Katie Creuynni assists individuals and groups as they walk their healing and envisionary journeys to health and wellbeing. Agraduate of the Healing the Light Body Program and Masters classes from the leading author Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society.


Incredible Edible Wrexham,
growing free food in the community for
the community at publiclocations around the town. facebook group at:
Group for Incredible Edible Wrecsam and related projects to share

info, events, happenings, ideas, plants etc.

Current regular planting days include:
1st Sunday of the Month – 2pm – Mount Street
2nd Monday of the Month – 6pm Madeira Hill
Facebook page will give notifications of other events in other areas.
Scarborough free community Christmas Free Market

Scarborough FREE Community facebook group

Scarborough Friends and Residents Exchange Economy is a moneyless community with the aim of sharing skills and resources and supporting each other.

If you are feeling a little despondent in these times of austerity and struggling to cope, or if you just want to reach out to your community lets join together and create our own support network. Lets share our skills and resources and help each other where we can

Next Free Market event: Christmas Free Market



Share Fairs.

Share Fairs.jpg

SHARE FAIRS. For more information please contact Tel: 07970242234  St Lawrence Bay, Essex, St Austell, Cornwall. Share Fair, Stanford-Le-Hope Share Fair in Essex, Bodmin Share Fair, Cornwall. 


An event, with no hidden costs for things like food and drink, entertainment or goods? What if this event was not only ABSOLUTELY FREE but also helped towards caring for the environment by reducing waste and caring for the community by bringing people together to learn new skills?

Too good to be true – well please read on because we think we’ve cracked it!

In the past, markets were more like fairs – as much about social gatherings and entertainment as about trading goods. Nowadays the word ‘market’ is associated with money-making and fairs are often very expensive. So, a few of us have decided to keep the idea of an old-fashioned market, but get rid of the money bit – and we are calling this event a Share Fair.

A Share Fair is like a market or Fair … but everything is ABSOLUTELY FREE! A Money-Free-Zone where EVERYONE is WELCOME to share and swap skills, stuff and stories.

How does it work?

We all have things in our homes that we no longer need – good stuff that is sitting unused and taking up valuable space. We all have clothes we have grown out of (or never worn!) that someone else could use but stays hanging in our wardrobe. All this stuff we can bring to a Share Fair and swap.

We all have skills we can share – some of us play musical instruments, or are excellent knitters, or good cooks. Some of us are experienced vegetable growers, dog-trainers or song-writers. Some of us mend things, build things or create things. Some of can draw well, or speak different languages or hula hoop! All of us are good at something – even if that something is being friendly for half an hour and listening to somebody who is a bit lonely.

And we all have a story to tell – all of us enjoy a good natter from time to time, especially with somebody who can tell us new ideas, or useful information or old stories about where we live. At a Share Fair we have comfortable seating areas with free tea and coffee where people can sit and chat.

For more information please contact Tel: 07970242234